About this site

My name is Martin and I’m a vegan interested in athletics (I bet you didn’t see that coming!).

Surfing in Conil de la Frontera in southern Spain where I ate way too many fresh fruits.

As an amateur fitness enthusiast, I’m passionate about various sports. Currently, my biggest passions are surfing, open water swimming, calisthenics, and rock climbing.

Like many athletes, I also enjoy hiking, bike riding, and nature walks for easy low-impact exercise. I also have experience with yoga (on and off), tennis (very amateur), and krav maga (ditto). And I’m always happy to learn new sports.

I felt that vegan athletes couldn't easily get curated content relevant in their everyday sports-infused vegan lives. So I started Smart Vegan Athlete to solve this problem.

Smart Vegan Athlete is an independent, positive place to support vegan athletes. I talk about an athletic vegan lifestyle and not just a plant-based diet.

I don't focus on any specific sports, instead trying to cover as many disciplines as possible. My goal is to provide a selection of the most interesting articles from the entire vegan fitness world. I'm not an expert—I'm just sharing what I've found on my own journey to become a smarter vegan athlete.

I collaborate with vegan-powered websites, communities, athletes, and brands. This way more money stays in our community. If you want to contribute or want to discuss opportunities, please let me know.

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